Choosing The Best Commercial Ice Making Machine

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Ice making machines are literally a one stop solution to all your unsolved requirements. To match your business needs, there are various types of commercial ice making machines available in the market. Let’s find out what are those.

While there is a variety of options to choose from, the commercial ice machine for sale in the market generally come into four types which include under counter ice machines, modular ice, combination machines and countertop ice makers.

  1. Modular or Machine Head

Modular or machine head is that type of commercial machine which produces a very huge quantity of ice. Not only it produces ice but it also has a separate storage unit to store those ice. Modular or ice machine head is easily available in 22, 30 and 48 inches widths which are made in a way to sit on top of and supply ice to the bin that comes along with the machine. The quantity of ice that this machine can produce in a day consists of 250 lbs. to around 1000 lbs.

  1. Under counter Ice Machines

Under counter ice machines are those type of machines that are known as small ice makers and come with a storage bin along with it. These type of machines are commonly used in businesses, cafés and small bars which don’t need much ice or self-contained ice machine. The quantity produced with this type of machine is around 350 lbs. in a day.

  1. Countertop Ice Dispensers

Countertop ice machines or dispensers are those machines which come with a small ice storage bin and can product about 400 lbs. of ice in a day which makes this particular machine as a perfect one for commercial use. One can find these type of machines usually in healthcare areas pretty commonly. The type of ice that comes out of these machines are nugget stile which is easier to chew. Visit this link for more info on ice dispenser machine.

  1. Combinations Ice Machine

This type of ice machine is such which allows in dispensing ice and water both which makes it an ideal to be used in health care facilities, cafeterias and break rooms. This particular type of machine can product up to 500 lbs. of machine in a day and they too produce nugget style of ice cubes.

If you are trying to figure out what sort of commercial ice making machine you require, first determine what your needs are and see the energy, capacity, features, storage and space the type of machine offers available in the market. Check out the availability of the options and see what fits your price range and budget and select the one that fits best.