Is Fire Risk Assessment Important For You?

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When it comes to things to do in order of operations for your business to run swiftly, getting a fire risk assessment done would on the least priority things to do. But should it be like that? Should you be delaying the safety and security of your employees and risking their lives? Should the fire risk assessment and safety of your employees come on the least priority things to do? Here arises a question why is it even required anyway? Well, the answer is straight, getting fire risk assessment done, will definitely minimize the risk and probability of any such mishap incidents to break out, as the key goal of this activity is to identify and upgrade any potential threats that may lead to a fire outbreak. It doesn’t mean the contents of the building will be examined and that is that, it also takes into consideration the purpose the building is being used for and also the layout of the building. In addition, it also considers how many currently occupy the place and how much does it have the capacity to occupy and in case of an emergency, how will they all make an escape, and if anything seems like a red flag, how should the danger be minimized?  

Your building structure maybe being used as a restaurant, shop, Church or place of worship, hospital, nightclub, cafes or even it is a train or a bus station, it will still require to get a fire risk assessment done, even though law does not specifically states the purpose of which the building structure is being used for and whether or not should it require a fire risk assessment in Brisbane.  

As now that you are aware that there is no escaping from fire risk assessment, the law also states other specifications as who can carry out the fire risk assessment, who under the emergency situation will be responsible, any procedures to tackle the dangers and danger areas, what kind of information and knowledge should be given to the employees and also how is the safety order even enforced. Since fire safety is required by the law, what follows next is failing to comply by the law and violating the law means you can be charged with heavy fines. And if any mishap happens where the safety of the employee was found to be compromised by the employer, then be ready to face the law suit coming your way, and let us assure you, there is no escaping from that, it is only a matter of time, as to when.  

Since the frequency to carry out the fire risk assessment is not clearly defined by the law, it still is imperative to make sure you get it done regularly or when changes are made to the structure of the building. If the security systems have been upgraded such as, introducing access control of doors being opened to card swiping only. If you have young inhabitants or children inside the building and it is a school.  fire-extinguisher