Proper Care For Screen Doors

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Screen doors provide additional security and even enhance the aesthetics of our home. And though we worry less about leaving the door wide open because of the protection it gives us, there can be a tendency for us to overlook the proper care and maintenance of these home items. Because of this, one day we might find our own security screen Melbourne in need of serious repair, worse, it may beg you to be totally replaced. To extend its life, read on to find out how you can properly maintain your screen doors in good shape.

Clean you screen doors

Screen doors are prone to dusts and other microbial particulates that may reside in the little holes of the holes. In addition, these unwanted deposits, when accumulated, may be even detrimental to the health of the households. To ensure that your screen door is always free from infestation of these unsafe tiny articles, always have a regular cleaning of your screens and its frame. Dust it off and wash with detergent mixture. Have it cleaned at least once every two months.

Checkup once in a while

Have a routinely inspection on your screen door. You can even do this before your regular cleaning of it. Check if there are possible tear that need repair. These unintended small holes may be the secret portal of critters sneaking into your house. Look closely as it may be too little to be seen. It is better to be prompt at these to avoid much costly repairs when the damage is too big. Also check the flanges if it still holds still, and make sure that the entire screen assembly is snugged on the door trim.

Lubricate if necessary

Particularly for sliding security doors Melbourne that operate with rollers, applying lubricants can prevent the doors from being stuck on the frames or the sill. Brush off the dust from the track first, then apply some lubricant. Silicone lubricant is recommended for the rollers and tension as it is used for two separate items moving together. Finish the surfaces by rubbing with an abrasive pad or a steel wool.

Handle with care

Screen doors protect us from the climate or pests from outside, not from the careless hands of those who use it. Remind your family to be cautious when opening or closing these. Prevention of damage or wear is always better than cure. Avoid reckless swinging or opening of the door. If your screen door is sliding, do not slide it abrasively, as it can tear too much. For retractable screen doors, always return the screen to its housing when actually closing the original door to prolong its life. With proper maintenance and careful handling of your own security screens, you can expect it to last even longer than expected.