How To Protect Your House From Fire

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Our house is one of our most important assets that we have so it is important that we take good care of the structure by making sure that doesn’t catch fire. Majority of the fires in residential areas are caused by faulty electrical wirings and human negligence. All of these can be avoided if we just take extra precautions ahead of time. Below are the important things that everyone in the household should keep in mind in order to avoid unfortunate fire accidents that can cost us property loss and in worst cases it can cause serious injuries and even death.1.) Check all electrical wirings to make sure that they are still in good condition. Faulty electrical wiring and live wires are one of the most common causes of house fires. To avoid this from happening make sure to contact trusted good electrical contractors do do a thorough inspection of your wirings especially the ones that are located in the ceiling or behind the walls. In case a short circuit happens unexpectedly do not panic. 

Turn off the main switch and find out what caused the short circuit. It could either be from our wall outlets, light wirings or from the electrical plugs of our appliances. It’s better to call a residential electrician Mosman and let him handle the situation.

2.)If you are using Liquified Petroleum Gas for cooking or in some cases grilling make sure that the rubber hose that connects the LPG tank to the stove or grill does not have any leaks. Since the leaks are not visible to the naked eye it usually manifests by the strong smell of gas while cooking. Grab a sponge soaked in dishwashing soap and run it through the hose. If the bubbles would start to disappear it means that the hose is damaged. Turn of the burner and the tank regulator right away. The LPG is at risk of exploding which can cause major and irreversible damage on your property. Most people who are victims of this kind of explosion often suffer from severe 2nd to 3rd degree burns which can be very fatal.

3.)In case of power outage and the absence of generators please be very very careful when using candles. Place them in a wide and stable platform that won’t cause it to easily fall. Do not put a candle beside light and flammable materials such as curtains, tablecloths and even carpets. If you are about to fall asleep make sure to blow off the candles to prevent accidents.