Importance Of Engineering

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Engineers have benefited humankind from a very early period of time. The role of engineers is to use science and mathematics to design and construct machinery, devices and many other equipment in order to make life better and easier for man. Every part of our daily lifestyle is influenced by engineering. Advancements in engineering has positively affect our life. Without the help of engineering mankind would not have advanced and modernised at such an incredible speed. Engineers have not just invented and developed machinery rather they have replaced tedious work with easy solutions thereby granting mankind a better life. Engineering plays an important role in almost all the fields therefore engineers are only rising in demand. Engineering cannot be replaced by any other profession and essential for human development. Engineering is involved in many fields the main one being electricity. Lack of electricity could make our life so much harder and hinder our overall development. Engineering has benefited society in many ways and here are some of it.

Medical Field

Apart from the hospital building which was designed and constructed by a group of professionals including a professional civil engineer there are many other benefits of engineering in the medical field. Engineering has greatly contributed towards the invention and development of all the equipment used for healthcare purposes. These equipment allow doctors to efficiently take care of the patients and treat serious issues. The equipment used for surgeries are highly advanced and extremely effective. These benefits are reaped due to the role of engineers. Engineering has eased the job of doctors and helped save many human lives. Most doctors rely on engineers to constantly develop and design newer and efficient machinery in the future.


Agriculture is the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals in order to provide humans with food and clothing. Back in the days farmers were required to work long hours under the sun to grow food for us all. But engineering has benefited farmers by introducing various machinery to ease their workload. Engineering has made it possible for farmers to produce large stocks of food in a short period of time. This is thanks to the various fertilizers available. A hydraulic engineer Brisbane can also help farmers in the irrigation process.


All modes of transportation are all designed by engineers. They work hard behind the scenes in order to constantly make travelling from one place to another faster and convenient. Rail, air and water transportations were all invented and developed by engineers. Without engineering humankind will not be able to travel at such a fast rate within a short period of time.