3 Clever Gardening Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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Getting into the gardening scene is not easy as it is similar to tending to a child and taking the best care of a child. You get attached to the plants in a similar fashion and you also tend to give the love and nurture that you would to a baby to a new plant. Often times, home owners try their hands at gardening and they come to the realization that it is too much work so they give up on their gardening dream and the dream of having a beautiful garden that is adorned by beautiful flowers. If you’re somebody who is hoping to get started with gardening, these tips that are mentioned below will definitely make a huge impact and help you turn your seeds into big and beautiful plants that adorn the garden.

Use Eggshells

Often times, we tend to throw away so many eggshells or a daily basis but we have a method that will help you not only reduce your wastage but also reduce the harm caused by garden snails and other soft bodies animals to your precious garden plants. Next time when you notice one of these pesky creatures eating away at your trees, coarsely crush up some eggshells and place the crushed shells surrounding the potted plant. What happens with this method is that the soft bodies animals wouldn’t dare come close to the plant as they fear getting cut by the eggshells.

Hire Help

Sometimes, we do not always have a ton of time on our hands to spend time planting and watering flowers. Even if you’re a stay at home mom that doesn’t go to work, you might still find yourself a little too preoccupied on various days to water your plants and take care of your garden oasis and the solution to your problem is landscaping Melbourne.

However, the truth is, there are no off days to taking care of plants so we highly suggest hiring a landscape gardener in Essendon to come to your home and tend to your beautiful plants. Usually hiring some help to help you out around the garden will not go in vain because you will get to keep your garden looking the same and also get some of the responsibility off of your hands. If you’re someone who loves gardening, you can always go back to getting rid of the professional help once your schedule frees up a lot more.

Sprinkle Cinnamon

One of the household pantry staples known as cinnamon is great to sprinkle over your plants if you have been noticing any fungus and diseases taking over your plants. The cinnamon has anti-fungal properties and it will definitely help get rid of the disease and nurse your plant back to health.