How Is A Super Stretch Limo Different From Normal One And Which One To Hire?

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super stretch limo hire

There are types of limos for every event and similarly for the airport transfers there is not only one kind of the airport limo transfers that you can use. One of these types is the super stretch limo hire in brisbane. Whenever you are deciding for the airport transfer option, first you have to decide whether you need to go for the regular vehicle or the limo and then when you decide the limo then you need to decide whether to go for the regular one or the stretch or super stretch. The super stretch limo is usually as the name represents are stretched and therefore, have more space for the passengers and due to the greater size the amenities are more in the super stretch limo. Although normally people think the limousine as a normal sized car which are also known as sedans. Therefore, whenever you are going for the super stretch limo, first make sure that the airport transfers services have this kind and then explicitly mention it.

Super stretch limo attributes:

As mentioned earlies, a super stretch limo is extended in way that the wheelbase is extended and the normal length of this car is about 10 meters but although there could be longer versions than this and the largest limousine ever made in the world was 30 meters long which incorporated 72 seats and 26 wheels and not only this but it has its own helicopter landing pad. Although the limos which are normal stretch have 4 doors in total but the super stretchable version could have the 5 doors to provide the ease for entering and exiting.

When do you need to opt for the Super stretch limo hire?

Since these kind of the limo are used for accommodating more people and therefore, if you have a group of colleagues going on business trips and all of you have to reach the same destination then you could go for the super stretch limo hire instead of regular limo. The length of the limo could be determined by the number of the people you have in the group. Normally there are six, eight and ten packs super stretch limo. Along with this there are additional amenities such as the TV, windows which are tinted, full stereo system as well as fibre optic lightening. Depending on the size of the limo, some super stretched versions could also have the hot tubs installed in these. although these are used in the airport limo transfers but these are best suited for the weddings, proms and such events because these provide the perfect backgrounds for the pictures and provide a very unique experience which you would not get in a normal car.

Before going for the super stretch limo hire, make sure that you ask the fees and the charges plus the number of people it can accommodate.